Guide to Pet Dog Breeds
A guide to choosing the best pet dog or puppy for you and your family.
Choosing the right pet dog breed for families with children

Dog Breeds for your Lifestyle needs (little or lots of exercise, little grooming, elderly owners, easily trained, suitable in flats etc.)

Directory og Dog Groomers
Directory of Dog Trainers

Directory of Dog Walking Services

Directory of Dog Therapists

Dog Kennels
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As a help when finding a pet dog we have information on the following popular breeds

Terriers : -

Fox Terrier (Smooth)
Fox Terrier (Wire)
Dandie Dinmont
Jack Russell
Kerry Blue
Staffordshire Bull
West Highland White

Spaniels : -
Cavalier King Charles
English Cocker
English Springer
Irish Water
King Charles Spaniel
Spaniel (Clumber)
Spaniel (Cocker)
(English Springer)
(Irish Water)
(Welsh Springer)
Welsh Springer
Afghan Hound
Basset Hound
Bearded Collie
Border Collie
Collie (Smooth)
Curly-Coated Retriever
Doberman Pinscher
English Setter
Flat-Coated Retriever
German Shepherd Dog
German Shorthaired Pointer
Giant Schnauzer
Golden Retriever
Gordon Setter
Great Dane
Irish Setter
Irish Wolfhound
Lhasa Apso
Miniature Schnauzer
Norwegian Elkhound
Old English Sheepdog
Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Retriever (Curly Coated)
Retriever (Flat Coated)
Retriever (Golden)
Retriever (Labrador)
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Shetland Sheepdog
Shih Tzu
St. Bernard
Standard Schnauzer
Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)
Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Some rare dog breeds

Japanese Spitz Leonberge
Tibetan Mastiff
Australian Kelpie Sheep Dog
HovawartPatterdale Terrier
Alaskan Husky
Alaskan KleeKai
Chinese Foo Dog
Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog
New Guinea Singing Dog
Tosa Inu
Thai Ridgeback
Rat Terrier
Canary Dog
Dogue de Bordeaux ( French Mastiff )



Welcome to Pet Trendy
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A pet dog is one of lifes big pleasures, they bring years of fun and loyal friendship. Dogs often live for over 15 years and can become both a much loved companion and an integral part of your family life. This makes it essential you have all the facts to make an informed decision about what dog breed is suitable for you and your lifestyle when choosing the right dog breed


Pettrendy - provides facts and details about dogs and dog breeds: - their natures, foibles, sizes, food preferences and lots more to help choose and care for a new dog or your current pet. Pages about Dog Trainers, Therapists and Dog Groomers.
Help to find gifts, toys and accessories for your pet,
Advice on pet grooming and ways to enhance you pet's environment.

How to Choose a Pet Dog.

Thinking of buying your first pet dog or a breed that is new to you, there are many factors to take into consideration before choosing the right dog for you

Dogs and Children.

Factors that must be taken into account when choosing the right dog breeds that are suitable for families with children of all ages

Dogs For Your Lifestyle.
Dog Breeds that will best suit your needs (little or lots of exercise, little grooming, elderly owners, easily trained, suitable in flats etc.)

Dog Breed Directory.
Find out about Dog Breeds :-
Breed descriptions, information, facts, pictures and information about the most popular breeds and many of the lesser known pedigree dog breeds .


How to Choose a Pet Dog.
Information you need before choosing the best pet dog or puppy for you, your lifestyle and all your family.
If you are thinking of buying your first pet dog or a breed new to you there are many factors to take into consideration before choosing the right dog for you.

Dogs and Children.
Choosing a suitable pet dog for families with children.
Some of the many factors that must be taken into account when choosing the right dog breed that are suitable when there are children of all ages in your family.

Dogs For Your Lifestyle.
Most people when choosing a pet dog will have specific requirements:- (little or lots of exercise, little grooming, elderly owners, not noisy, easily trained, suitable in flats etc.)
See our Guide to Dogs For Your Lifestyle for suggestions about the Dog Breeds that will best suit your needs.

Dog Services
Directory pages of specialist service providers for :-
Walking Boarding
Therapy (free ads)

Dog Accessories and Equipment
Please take a look at our
latest, stylish Dog Accessories; enhance your
pet’s environment with luxurious beds, rugs
, duvets, travel goods, toys and much much more.

Pamper you Pet
The Trendy Pet Shop with a range of :-
Designer Dog Clothes,


Dog Information
Manuals and Books devoted to helping you care for your pet dog.

Dog Group Directory
Directory of Pedigree Dog Types and their Breed Groups.
(There are over 200 registered Pedigree Dog Breeds in the UK nd these are divided, by the Kennel Club into 7 different Group Types)

Dog Size Directory
Information about pedigree dogs and how they are classified into various size groupings :-

Dog Related Articles
Some of our popular articles with pet dog related themes.

Dog Themed Books
A wide range of Books with a dog theme and Informative Manuals packed full of essential ideas for selecting,
training, grooming and feeding pet dogs.

Dog History.
A brief guide to the history and developement of dogs, their passage from wolves to todays many pedigree breeds. How the role of dogs in society has changed, no longer just herding, guarding or just pets many dogs have taken on some very specific and skilful roles.


Dog Beds and Bedding (a selection of quality dog beds and bedding)


Let your Dog relax, keep warm and comfortable



Miscellaneous Dog Equipment & Accessories

Pamper you Pet

The Trendy Pet Shop with a range of :-
Designer Dog Clothes,

Information and Pages of Interest on

Dog Information

Lifestyle Choices
Pet Related Articles
Dog Breed
Dogs Breeds Good with

The increase in popularity
of Alternative Therapies
for Animals.

Guide to Choosing
a Dog

Dog Breeds Good with Children Reiki Therapy – Will Your
Dog Like It?

Dogs and
Dog Breeds Good with
Older People
3 Essential and Simple Tips
on Choosing a Cat or Kitten.

Dog Group
Dog Breeds for First time

3 Top Training Tips for
Dog Size
Dogs requiring lots of

Dog Owner's guide to car travel
Pamper your Pet
Dogs requiring little

Skills of the Modern Dog.
Pet Gifts Dogs requiring lots
of exercise.

Do I really want a dog? 

Difficult to train dogs

Is this the right time for me to get a dog?  

Easy to train dogs

Which Dog Breed Should I Choose? 
Dog Manuals

Good with Strangers

Choosing a puppy or an adult dog
Dog Business

Good with Other Pets

Bringing a new puppy home– making it stress free
Dog Therapists

Noisy dog breeds

Bringing a new dog home– some suggestions 
Dog Walkers Good Watchdogs

Pet Dogs What Is Socialisation?
 Dog Accessories Good travellers

Bathing your Dog - some practical suggestions
Dog Trainers Dogs happy to be left
alone for short periods

Keeping your dog off the furniture – some solutions.
Best Lap Dogs

Free Ads and Links

Ideal Dogs for Flat or
Apartment Dwellers

Hypoallergenic dog


Dogs requiring little

Good with Other Dogs  

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Some Useful Information Sites and Contacts

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

The Kennel Club

The Dogs Trust

The Blue Cross

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Big Dog BreedsYour essential guide to all the information on big breeds of dog, from trainability to the most relaxed dog - we have it all. Come and join us today!



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