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Reiki Therapy – Will Your Dog Like It ?

We normally associate Reiki, the ancient Japanese form of touch therapy, as a form of healing only practiced on humans. The growing popularity of keeping dogs as pets has seen many owners turning to Reiki therapists to treat their animals.
Reiki is a powerful natural therapy; it is a safe, gentle form of holistic healing that is eminently suitable for both humans and animals. When treating your dog a Reiki therapist channels energy through themselves, and into the patient. This energy flow can be administered either in a “hands-on” way or it can make use of a “distance healing” approach. The dog will usually determine the type of approach they prefer and the length of the treatment session. When your dog feels he/she has had enough they will generally walk away.

The therapy sessions will vary in length, the number required and the approach being taken. Generally the first session will involve the therapist familiarising themselves with your dog and establishing a rapport. They will then ask what you are trying to achieve and gather background information about your pets health and lifestyle. After the first visit any further sessions will typically last for 15 to 45 minutes.

In a healing session there is generally no use made of a treatment table, most dogs prefer to sit or lie down either on the floor, in a comfortable chair or on their owner's lap.

When a hands-on approach is taken the therapist uses a fixed set of hand positions suitable for dogs. This is a gentle process that dogs find soothing and welcoming.

Some dogs will be nervous, aggressive or just simply prefer not to be touched by strangers; they will often be more comfortable receiving the Reiki from a distance. This approach works equally well; the energy flow works just the same as it does if given “hands-on”.

Dogs respond well to Reiki, treatment is particularly successful in treating muscular aches, pains, back problems and strains. It can reduce stress, anxiety, nervousness and skin or coat problems and it is often used to help dogs with behaviour problems.

If you are contemplating using Reiki therapy for your dog it is worth bearing in mind that, in the UK, any sick animal must be taken to a vet, so any alternative therapy practitioner working with animals will need a referral from a veterinary surgeon in order to treat your pet legally.

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