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Socialising your dog is very important, a well socialised dog will keep calm under new and unfamiliar conditions. Puppies who are are well socialised will be friendly and happy with people and other animals, making them very successful pets. Socialising your puppy helps him to become a happy, healthy, and well-behaved member of your family. Properly socialised puppies are less likely to develop behavioural problems as they grow into adults.
When dogs are taken out regularly as puppies they will take new and unfamiliar situations in their stride and will enjoy going anywhere with their owners.
Ideally your puppy should meet and interact with as many types of people, animals, and environments as possible. A puppy of about 4 months old should have learned to accept being petted by strangers, meeting other dogs and other animals, being handled by a vet or groomer, and generally meeting a wide variety of people.

Dogs who don't get early socialisation often react with fear or aggression when they are exposed to new things. It is always much easier to teach your puppy to accept new things now than it is to retrain him after bad habits have developed.
When you first get a puppy he will already have had some degree of socialisation.
Puppy socialisation should take place when your dog is between 8 and 16 weeks old, however if your puppy has not received all his vaccinations, check with your vet about when it's safe to expose your puppy to new people and places.

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