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The UK's Top 10 Dog-friendly National Parks
13 July 2015 – Nearly a quarter of UK households are estimated to own a dog, which often
causes problems for owners when planning holidays in far-flung destinations. But with the
growing popularity of the ‘staycation’, British travellers are increasingly seeing the allure of
holidaying closer to home, which is a boon for both dog owners and dogs!
A short break with your four-legged friend to a national park is great opportunity to
experience the UK’s natural beauty. There is also a wealth of pet-friendly rental
accommodation of all sizes nearby. Using its 'Pets Allowed' filter, has
ranked the UK’s top ten National Parks in terms of the number of dog-friendly holiday rentals
in the vicinity.
1. Lake District (over 900 dog-friendly rentals)
The poet and dog-owner William Wordsworth was born in the Lake District in Cumbria and
was in love with its rugged charm. All 885 square miles of the expansive Lake District are
aching to be explored. With some of the most beautiful views in the country, the Lake
District offers a unique combination of breathtaking lakes alongside rocky mountains.
Highlights include seeing England’s highest mountain Scafell Pike and tasting the local
produce (to name a few, Cumberland sausages, Kendal Mint Cakes and the delicious
Grasmere gingerbread.)
2. North York Moors (over 600 dog-friendly holiday rentals)
With its fair share of dog-friendly holiday rentals, the North York Moors is steeped in history
with remains from Iron and Bronze Age settlements. The ancient Yorkshire woodlands are a
perfect place for a peaceful amble with the dog.
3. Snowdonia (over 500 dog-friendly holiday rentals)
Wales’ highest mountain Snowdon offers varied mountainous terrains to cater for novice and
serious walkers alike. But Snowdonia is much more than a mountain. Another highlight is
experiencing the floral aromas of the paw-friendly National Trust-owned Bodnant Garden.
4. Pembrokeshire Coast (over 450 dog-friendly holiday rentals)
Pembrokeshire has over 50 beaches which all welcome dogs. Walking along the
Pembrokeshire coast path from Amroth to St Dogmaels provides hours of exploration
including limestone cliffs, off shore islands and quaint fishing villages.
5. Peak District (over 350 dog-friendly holiday rentals)
The Peak District National park is perfect dog-walking country with its sprawling moorland,
limestone dales and gurgling rivers.

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