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Bringing a new dog home– some suggestions

Some Home Equipment you will need :-

  • Collar :- Flat collar, leather or strong fabric, choke collars are not recommended especially for puppies. Smaller breeds may be better in a harness initially.
  • Lead :- A strong lead with a good easy to use clip. You may also need a longer lead for training purposes and a Flex Lead (Extending lead) allowing your puppy to run “free” in open ground.
  • ID tag :- It is law in the UK for all dogs to have an ID tag (on their collars) to identify your dog, it should show address, and telephone number. You may also need to consider a separate tag for holidays
  • Bed :- Buy the most suitable size bed for your breed of dog but If you are bringing home a puppy you will need to start with a small bed so your dog feels cosy and not lost in a big bed.
  • Bowls :- You will need three bowls, feeding, drinking and possibly a non-spill drinking bowl for travelling.
  • Toys and Chews :- Most dogs like toys, make sure they are well made and strong, puppies have very sharp teeth and love to chew.
  • Gates :- You may need to limit the rooms your dog has access to, so dog gates are an ideal solution.

Some Travel Equipment you might require :- (see also Car travel with your pet dog.)

  • A dog seat belt or harness
  • If you would rather your dog stayed in the back of your vehicle you wiil need a fence or gate or even a dog crate.

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