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Bringing a new puppy home– making it stress free

Bringing home a new puppy is a fun experience but if you are not prpared it can also be very stressful both for you and the puppy.
Your puppy has been taken away from his mother, probably brothers and sisters and an environment he has just got used to and now finds himself in totally new surroundings with a new group of people and all the new and different sights, sounds and smells that will be involved.
You will probably bring your puppy home by car, try to make the journey as pleasant as possible, it is probably your puppies first experience of travelling and he will need you to be calm and reassuring. It is usually best if you are the passenger, this first time, enabling you to hold your puppy on a blanket, it would be a good idea if the puppy is familiar with the blanket so try leaving it with the breeder some days before you pick up the puppy. It would also be a good if he has not had a meal to close to travelling.
On arrival home first take your puppy to the area you would like to designate the toilet area (garden, yard or litter-tray). Bring the puppy back in to room you would like him to think of as his initially, then try giving a small meal and drink then try the toilet again. if he does need to go reward him with a treat and praise.
Your home should ideally be quiet and calming for the first few days, if you have children don't let them get too excited and immediately play with the puppy (there will be plenty of time for that later), his area should have some form of bed or bedding and toys for him to play with. Let him explore this new area and try to be part of this, making him feel included and part of a new "pack", however try not to be to fussy with him and avoid any "over comforting" if he seems stressful, puppies soon learn that their actions bring a reaction form you.
Your puppies bed should be somewhere you have designated as his sleeping area, it should be warm comfortable and free of draughts. Getting your puppy to sleep overnight can initially be very stressful and you may need to be firm for a few nights to get him used to the idea, try leaving a ticking clock near his bed or even a radio on quietly overnight.

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