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Getting a Pet Dog

Do I really want a dog?
Is dog ownership right for you? Making this decision needs careful thought.
Perhaps the place to start is to understand what living with a dog could mean ......

Is this the right time for me to get a dog?
When you choose to get a pet dog many factors have to be considered. One important question we should always ask ourselves is "Is this the right time for me to get a dog"......

Which Dog Breed Should I Choose?
Before you decide which breed of dog you are going to choose you must have made the decision about whether you want a Pedigree or a Cross Breed dog?.....

Choosing a Puppy or an Adult Dog
Even if you are a first time owner or an experienced dog owner you have, by now, considered how a dog is going to fit into your lifestyle and what breed suits this purpose.
The next important step is to decide whether to get an adult dog or does a puppy suit your requirements better. Each will have advantages and disadvantages so some thought must be given to how these will affect your family's needs and lifestyle.

Bringing a new puppy home– making it stress free
Bringing home a new puppy is a fun experience but if you are not prpared it can also be very stressful both for you and the puppy.
Your puppy has been taken away from his mother, probably brothers and sisters and an environment he has just got used to and now finds himself in totally new surroundings with a new group of people and all the new and different sights, sounds and smells that will be involved....

Bringing a new dog home– some suggestions
Some Home Equipment you will need :-

  • Collar :- Flat collar, leather or strong fabric, choke collars are not recommended especially for puppies. Smaller breeds may be better in a harness initially.
  • Lead :- A strong lead with a good easy to use clip. You may also need a longer lead for training purposes and a Flex Lead (Extending lead) allowing your puppy to run “free” in open ground.....

Owning and Caring for your Pet Dog

Pet Dogs What Is Socialisation?
Socialising your dog is very important, a well socialised dog will keep calm under new and unfamiliar conditions. Puppies who are are well socialised will be friendly and happy with people and other animals, making them very successful pets. Socialising your puppy helps him to become a happy, healthy, and well-behaved member of your family. Properly socialised puppies are less likely to develop behavioural problems as they grow into adults.

Bathing your Dog - some practical suggestions
You will usually know when your dog is ready for a bath, he will appear dirty, have a bad odour, is scratching or showing signs of flea infestation. Many owners believe bathing a dog is bad for the skin; however if you use a gentle baby shampoo or shampoo specifically for dogs, you may bath a dog as often as you like.
Bathing a dog doesn't have to mean you and your bathroom will get soaked, using some ,necessary equipment can help.

Keeping your dog off the furniture – some solutions.
For some owners this is not a problem, they simply don’t mind. For other dog owners this can be a major problem, for some - no dog on any furniture is the house rule, and there are those in between who don’t mind their pet on certain furniture.
If you are in the first group then no suggestions are necessary, it’s your furniture and your choice.
If however you want to impose some restrictions then here are a few suggestions:- ......

A Dog Owner's guide to car travel
Many dogs do not enjoy travelling by car, it is an experience they find frightening and stressful. You can avoid any potential nightmares and make your car journeys, whether long or short, as pleasurable and free from stress and anxiety possible with the application of some simple foresight and planning.

3 Top Training Tips for Dogs
The quality of life of any dog will be improved significantly by training.
Correct training should be seen as an owner’s basic responsibility which will result in a bond and understanding that makes a dog a companion for life.
Common to any type of training method adopted will be these three golden rules:-

The increase in popularity of Alternative Therapies for Animals.
Recently we have seen a rapid growth in “Alternative or Complementary” medicine, this has been evidenced by the increase in practitioners and clinics offering treatments in these various forms of Alternative Therapy....

Reiki Therapy - Will Your Dog Like It?
We normally associate Reiki, the ancient Japanese form of touch therapy, as a form of healing only practiced on humans. The growing popularity of keeping dogs as pets has seen many owners turning to Reiki therapists to treat their animals.

Skills of the Modern Dog.
Dogs and men have formed partnerships for many centuries. Possibly the first animals to be domesticated, and since then dogs have variously been used for hunting, herding, guarding and as companions. Whilst it may be true that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, it is also true that humans will always try to find new ways of utilising the skills of man's best friend.
Some of the new roles dogs now perform on a daily basis include:-

3 Essential and Simple Tips on Choosing a Cat or Kitten.
Buying a new cat or a kitten is very often an impulsive decision and can be very exciting. Once you see a new cat or more especially a kitten, it is hard to resist their charms; this makes it important you answer a few important questions before finally making your choice.

The UK's Top 10 Dog-friendly National Parks
Nearly a quarter of UK households are estimated to own a dog, which often
causes problems for owners when planning holidays in far-flung destinations. But with the
growing popularity of the ‘staycation’, British travellers are increasingly seeing the allure of
holidaying closer to home, which is a boon for both dog owners and dogs!

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