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Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier.
Very powerful exhuberant dog.
Loyal to their owners and friendly with other people but may need socialing with other dogs,
Very good with children especially if brought up with them.

Dog Group - Kennel Club: Terrier Group

Short coat flat and glossy

Grooming: Sheds hair so may need daily brushing.
Average Height: 53 - 56 cm. 21 - 22 ins.
Average Weight: 22 - 28 kg. 52 - 62 lbs.
Colour: Black, white, brindle, red or tricolour.
Temperament: Playful, happy dogs that become very attached to their owners and great with children when socialised.
Exercise: Medium expectation, often exploding into action amongst queitier spells.
Average Lifespan: 11 - 13 yrs.

Possible disadvantages
Can sometimes be very obstinate.
Often quite rough when playing so will need careful trainig (not the brightest dog around so training may be slow)
Surprisingly white dogs can get sunburned so care should be taken in bright sunlight.


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