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Affectionate dogs that are also resolute and courageous.
Devoted to their owners, good with children but need socialising to be tolerant of strangers and other dogs



Dog Group - Kennel Club: Utility Group
Coat: Short, fine, close and smooth
Grooming: Sheds hair easily which can mean frequent brushing.
Average Height: 31-36 cm 12-14in.
Average Weight: 23-25 kg. 50-55 lb.
Colour: Whole colours (usually tan) or whole colours with white.
Temperament: Good natured, gentle and calm.Sleeps a lot. Sometimes stubborn
Exercise: Low requirement, breathing problems and less than athletic shape do not make Bulldogs great exercisers.
Average Lifespan: 8-9 yrs.

Possible disadvantages .
Can be aggressive to other unfimiliar dogs.
Not highly intelligent which can make training difficult
Short muzzle can make breathing difficult and result in snoring.
Facial structure can lead to dribbling.
Not always possible to give birth naturally (puppies have large heads) may need a Ceasarean Section)


Read much more about Bulldogs in one of these excellent books.....

  • Whether you already own a Bulldog, or are thinking of getting one, Bulldogs And You is the perfect guide to raising your dog and helping make it part of your family.
  • The fact is, Bulldogs make great pets. They are not difficult to maintain or keep satisfied.
    But there are things you MUST know.
    That's why Bulldogs And You is invaluable.