Cocker Spaniel




Cocker Spaniel

This friendly, energetic dog was originally bred for flushing and retrieving small game.

Friendly with children and other dogs the Cocker Spaniel makes an ideal family pet. Has bags of energy and can be trained with patience to make good working dogs.


Dog Group - Kennel Club: Gundog
Coat: Silky & flat with lots of feathering
Grooming: Daily care and brushing
Average Height: 39-42 cm. 15- 16 ins.
Average Weight: 13-15 kg 28-33 lb.
Colour: Black, black white, blue, red or liver markings 
Temperament: affectionate, loyal & happy
Exercise:  Energetic dog needing long walks & play 
Average Lifespan:  12-14 years

Possible disadvantages
Can show aggressive tendencies especially about possessions and when establishing status with other dogs


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