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Golden Retriever

A working dog which ,as it name suggests, was bred as a retriever of game. As a popular family pet it is affectionate, active, playful and fond of people. They are good with children and other pets.
Active and playful, enjoys swimming.


Dog Group - Kennel Club: Gundog
Coat: Flat or wavy with a dense water-resisting undercoat. 
Grooming: Moderate grooming required
Average Height: 52-62 cms. 20-24 ins.
Average Weight: 27-37 kgs. 60-82lbs.
Colour: Can be any shade of cream or gold
Temperament: Kind nature not aggressive, intelligent 
Exercise:  Lots
Average Lifespan:  12-13 yrs.

Possible disadvantages.
Can carry mud and dirt on its long coat and leg feathers after walks and outside play.
Some strains may show aggressive and possessive traits.


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