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Dog Grooming
The amount of grooming a dog requires will depend on its coat. There are five basic types of coat: short coated, long coated, silky, non-shedding curly and wire coated.

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Short coated dogs are best groomed with a soft brush and require minimal grooming whilst long coated and silky coated dogs will require thorough daily brushing and combing in order to prevent the coat from becoming matted.
This is best done by brushing the coat the wrong way to remove loose hairs and dirt, combing and then brushing back the right way.
Dogs with non-shedding curly coats such as the poodle will require thorough brushing with a stiff brush every other day and regular clipping to prevent the coat from over growing.

Dogs with a wire coat need regular brushing with a stiff brush to prevent the coat from matting and the top coat should be "stripped" or clipped every three to four months. Stripping is preferable as this helps to retain the wiry texture to the coat.


The Ultimate Guide to Dogs and Dog Grooming.

  • This is everything you need to know about keeping your dog groomed. It doesn't matter what breed or what age your dog happens to be because this book covers it all.
  • Understand the Importance of Dog Grooming - explore the link between your dogs' grooming and his health. Understand the reasons behind grooming and why it's so important to make sure that your dog is regularly groomed ensuring he remains healthy and happy.



Dog Grooming Services in the UK

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