abrador Retriever


Labrador Retriever

A true "retriever" especially when water is involved. Originating in Newfoundland and originally a genuine working water dog, taking ropes to boats, fetching nets and helping with fishing. It is not surprising that with this background, this strong, sturdy dog with a very soft mouth has become an excellent working dog and retriever of fish and game. This coupled with its affable nature and eager to please attitude makes it a great pet and the number one favourite dog in the UK.

Labradors have a double coat: a soft, undercoat that keeps them dry and warm when swimming and a harder outer coat that helps repel water keeping them dry. Their tail is thick at the base and tapers to a narrower point, an ideal rudder for manoeuvring in water. Their head is clean cut and broad, with hanging ears. They have an alert and intelligent expression which conveys their friendly temperament.This friendly temperament makes them ideal family pets as well as working dogs, they are good with children and enjoy people company.

Dog Group - Kennel Club: Gundog
Coat: Short, dense
Grooming: Little grooming required
Average Height: 56-58 cm. 22-23 in.
Average Weight: 26-34 kg. 57-77 lb.
Colour: 3 colours - all Black, Yellow, Chocolate(Liver)
Temperament: Kind nature not aggressive, intelligent
 Exercise: Lots (loves water)
Average Lifespan:  12-13 yrs 

Possible disadvantages
Often destructive (chewing) as puppies and young dogs. Lack of exercise may cause boisterousness and destructiveness

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