A sociable, homely, companionable and friendly dog, their playful nature makes them ideal family pets.
Not overly intelligent which means patience is required when training.
A popular dog, good with children.

Dog Group - Kennel Club: Toys
Coat: Fine short coat that is soft and glossy.
Grooming: Sheds hair profusely which can make daily brushing a necessity.
Average Height: 25 - 28 cm. 10 - 11 in.
Average Weight: 6 - 8 kg. 14 - 18 lb.
Colour: Silver, black, fawn or apricot.
Temperament: Affectionate and playful the Pug enjoys company.Good with other pets, strangers and unfamiliar dogs. 
Exercise: Loiw expectations but a fast runner when free.
Average Lifespan: 13 - 14 yrs.

Possible disadvantages .
Independent and foreful they can be very determined.
Their small size means care should be taken near boisterous children..

Can become obese if allowed to follow their instinct to overeat.


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