Strong, active, powerful, and determined dogs they make great guard dogs.
Affectionate and loyal to strong owners, good with children if raised with them.
Can be friendly to other dogs and pets if well socialised.
Often suspicious and territorial around strangers.

Dog Group - Kennel Club: Working Group
Coat: Short, glossy and thick.
Grooming: Occasional brushing but the coat sheds hair so you may need to brush twice weekly.
Average Height: 58-69cm. 23-27in.
Average Weight: 41-50 kg. 90-110lb.
Colour: Black with clearly defined markings.
Temperament: Affectionate, loyal, confident, calm and protective.
Exercise: High requirement
Average Lifespan: 11-12yrs.

Possible disadvantages .
Loyal but not very demonstrative.
Can be aggressive with strangers and other dogs.
Need erly training and socialising

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