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Small Size Dog Directory.

Small Sized Dog Breeds:-

It is generally accepted that dogs weighing 6-25 pounds are small dogs. Most small dogs are in the Toy Dog sub-category: Chihuahuas, Maltese, Pugs, and Yorkshire Terriers, but there are larger breeds like Beagles and Corgis that qualify as small dogs.
Small dogs may be small in stature but they generally are large in personality.

Small sized dogs are probably the most popular choice of pet dogs for families, especially for those living in urban areas, in smaller accommodation or for families that may have limited space for outdoor exercise. Although they may require minimum exercise these breeds will often require regular walks or play.. The incredible adaptability of most small sized dogs, their good relationship with children and their ability to self-exercise through indoor play makes them an excellent choice for many families.

Small Sized Dog Breeds
Average Size
Average Weight
Dog Group

Australian Terrier

Beagle 33-40 cm. 12-16 ins 8-14 kg. 19-30 lb Hound Medium sized happy and lively dogs, alert with a tolerant nature, can show an independent streak and a desire to follow scents. A lovely dog with a gentle nature, affectionate and friendly, good with children, other dogs and strangers.
Bichon Frise 23-28cm
9-11 ins.
3-6 kg
7-12 lb
Toy Good natured small dogs that make excellent pets . Very attractive and distinctive with a predominately white coat and a pocket-sized appeal, they do not need particularly long walks and are just happy in big houses or small flats Good with children and other pets they make excellent gentle and loving companions.

Border Terrier 25-28 cm. 10-11 in 5-7 kg. 11-15 lb Terrier Alert and playful, small physically but a big dog in personality, and well able to stand up for themselves. Attractive dogs that need little grooming.
Great dog for families with active children, sweet natured, playful and easy to train.
Brussels Griffon        

Cairn Terrier

28-31 cm
11-12 ins.
6-9 kgs
14 16 lb
Terrier group The cairn is typical terrier; plucky, spirited, inquisitive, hardy, clever, stubborn and scrappy. It is responsive to its owner's wishes with a desire to please. It enjoys playing with children and is tough enough to withstand some rough friendly play. Not requiring lots of exercise they are happy in big houses or small flats
Corgi 27-30 cm
10-12 in
11-17 kg
25-38 lb
Pastoral (Herding) There are two types of corgi- Cardigan which has a full tail, Pembroke born without a tail.
Otherwise bt are pretty much the same---small tenacious dogs, intelligent and easy to train, good with children and other animals
A very hardy breed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 25-27 cm
10-11 in
4-6 kg
8-14 lb
Toys A generally playful dog that likes human company, but are sometimes reserved with strangers. Affectionate and devoted to owners and children, good with other pets and friendly towards unfamiliar dogs, thrives on human contact and will love being part of your family. They are happy in big houses or small flats and are intelligent and easy to train.
Chihuahua 15-23 cm
6-8 ins.
1-3 kgs. 2-6 lbs. Toy dog breed Alert, spirited, bold little dog that is also friendly and affectionate.Devoted to owners and usually good with children and other pets Chihuahuas have strong personalities and tend to bond with one adult. Their tiny size makes them easy to handle. They are easy to train, require little grooming and they are happy in big houses or small flats

Chinese Crested

Dachshund 20-25 cm
8-10 ins
6 11 kgs 15-35 lb Hound Medium sized dog that is friendly, energetic and keen to please. Good with children and other dogs the Cocker Spaniel makes an ideal family pet. Has lots of energy and can be trained with patience
Dandie Dinmont Terrier 20-28cm
8-11 in
20-28cm 8-11 in Terrier It is a loyal companion suitable for people of all ages, but it does need daily exercise to keep it from becoming frustrated. It is intelligent and very independent. It tends to be reserved with strangers and can be aggressive toward strange dogs.
English Toy Spaniel        
Italian Greyhound        
Japanese Chin        
Lakeland Terrier        
Lhasa Apso 25-28 cm 10-11 in 6-7 kg
13-15 lb
Utility Group A medium szed dog that is a very friendly and popular dog it is alert, reserved and vocal which can make them good watchdogs.Devoted and loyal to owners whilst remaing independent (likes to be his own dog).
Good with childre but often frightened of toddlers and babies. It does well living indoors, as long as it is walked daily. The Lhasa Apso sheds really heavily, though, so it needs to be professionally groomed every 8 weeks to prevent matting.

Maltese 20-25 cm
8 -10 in
2-3 kg.
4 -6 lb
Toy The Maltese is a tiny, docile breed that is extremely affectionate and loves to be pampered it is among the gentlest mannered of all little dogs, and its trust and responsiveness are appealing Easy to train, they love to play fetch and learn tricks. They do not shed but require regular brushing to keep their coats from matting. Like other non-shedding dogs, they are a good choice for allergy sufferers. A good pet in limited accommodation, the Maltese's exercise needs are minimal
Miniature Pinscher 25-30 cm
10-12 ins.
4-5 kg
8-10 lb
Toy Feisty, independent, brave, curious dogs that are constantly busy, Intelligent and easy to train, a good family dog easy to train and god with children and other animals
Miniature Schnauzer 33-36cm
13-14 in
6-7 kg
13-15 lb
Utility Alert and playful enjoys human company. Intelligent they are reasonably easy to train good with children and other pets make good watchdogs
Norfolk Terrier 23-25 cm
9-10 in.
5 - 6 kg. 11-12 lb.  Terrier Norfolks are charming small, active teddy bears of dogs that are friendly and amusing companions.
Outgoing, fearless dogs that enjoy playing with children.

Norwich Terrier 24-25 cm 9-10 ins. 5-6 kg. 11-12 lb Terrier Feisty but friendly little dogs, lots of energy and enjoys play. Good family pet who enjoys children and other pets if socialised early. Intelligent and easy to train.
Papillon 20-28 cm
8-11 ins.
3 - 5 kg
9-10 lb
Toy A small pretty and lively dog ideal as a companion or as a loving easily socialised dog for families Its beautiful coat is prone to frequent shedding and needs to be combed at least daily. These dogs make wonderful lapdogs, and they are relatively quiet, compared to other small breeds.The breed is also relatively hardy.
Pekingese 15-23 cm
6-9 in.
4-5 kgs. 10 -12 lb. Toy Small affectionate little dogs with long silky coats and a shortened pug like face. They are affectionate but have independent personalities. Pekingese usually get along well with other dogs and people, but may be wary of strangers. They need regular grooming but require little exercise.
Pomeranian 22-28cm
8-11 in
1.8-2.5 kg 4-5.5 lb Toy These vivacious, extrovert little dogs will bring a smile to any face, although sometimes they can be noisy. They just love to snuggle up and nap in a person's lap. They usually prefer adults to children and get along well with other pets. They are intelligent, feisty dogs and have a low need for exercise. Despite having fluffy coats they do not need much grooming.
Pug 25-28 cm 10-11 in. 6-8 kg
14-18 lb.
Toys A small dog that is sociable, homely, companionable and friendly , their playful and clownish nature makes them ideal family pets.
Not overly intelligent which means patience is required when training..Has a low exercise requirement but can be high-energy dogs that love to cuddle. Can shed quite a bit which might require regular grooming.

Scottish Terrier        
Sealyham Terrier        
Shetland Sheepdog 36-37 cm
14-15 in
6-7 kg
14-16 lb 
Pastoral The "Sheltie" is in most ways a smaller version of the rough collie. A gentle reserved dog with a magnificent, profuse coat. Highly intelligent, easy to train they make ideal companions and family pets.
Shih Tzu 25-27cm 10-11in. 4-7kg
Utility Group Active, friendly, alert little dogs with an independent nature.Affectionate and devoted to their owners, good with children and other animals They live for human companionship; and have a have a sweet, gentle disposition Their long coats can require high-maintenance grooming, or they can be trimmed in a "puppy cut" which requires less
Skye Terrier        

Toy Fox Terrier

West Highland White Terrier 25-29 cm 10-11 ins. 7-10 kg 15-22 lb Terrier Very popular pets, active and playful they can sometimes be feisty and independent but they are also affectionate and loyal.
Alert dogs they make good watchdogs.
Affectionate and loyal towards owners and great with children if raised with them.

Friendly with strangers and other dogs if well socialised.

Wire Fox Terrier 38-39 cm
14-15 ins
7-8 kgs. 15 18 lb Terrier Very terrier like, quick, alert and feisty. Friendly, extrovert, curious and often quite stubborn. Moderately easy to train, good with kids and great watchdogs but can be aggressive with other dogs.
Yorkshire Terrier 22-24 cm. 9-10 in. 2.5-3.5kg 5-7 lb. Terrier Small but feisty, tenacious and courageous.
Popular dogs that are intelligent and easy to train, learning commands quickly .They love human companionship without being too clingy Good with children and strangers
Very affectionate and loyal. Their long coat can be trimmed to a shorter length for ease of maintenance. They do not shed and are good low-allergy dogs.

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