English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

Another dog bred for working with game, ideally flushing/springing and retrieving game. Happy affectionate dog that likes to be busy all day. Good with children and other pets, makes an ideal pet for energetic family that like lots of walks and play. Energetic dog with a friendly and playful approach to life.


Dog Group - Kennel Club: Gundog
Coat: Medium-length coat flat or wavy and feathered,
Grooming: Daily grooming especially ears and feathering 
Average Height: 46-48 cm. 18-19 ins.
Average Weight: 16-20 kg. 35-45 lbs.
Colour: Liver & white, and black & white (with or without tan markings), blue or liver roan. 
Temperament: Gentle, friendly, and sociable dogs good with children, Intelligent, and obedient
Exercise: Lots of exercise, full of energy for long runs & walks
Average Lifespan: 12-14 yrs.

Possible disadvantages
Long ears that need regular examination to maintain good condition. Coat can sometimes retain mud and dirt after walks and play but can be easily brushed out.


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