Dog Therapists

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Dog Therapists in the UK

UK Animal Communicator - Pea Horsley
Animal Thoughts
PO Box 60020
London SW16 9EB

TelNo: 020 8696 9121

I'm a professional animal communicator working compassionately to help you understand what your pet is thinking. I act as a direct channel between you and your animal with the aim of bringing resolution and comfort. All concern welcome from behavioural, physical or lost pets to those who are dying or have passed over. I offer phone/email readings and home visits. Please call me to discuss your needs.

Animal Healer - Pea Horsley
Animal Thoughts
PO Box 60020
London SW16 9EB

TelNo: 020 8696 9121

Reiki, energy healing, is ideal as an alternative therapy for animals because it is gentle and non-invasive. Reiki promotes health, heals illness both physical and emotional and compassionately supports the dying process. My practice offers distant healing and home visits. Please call to discuss your needs

Penny Green
39 Princes Avenue
Worcs WR9 7DE

TelNo: 01905 776411
Merishia Canine Massage - Remedial therapy for dogs of all ages, and all activity levels

West Mids Area

Mysti-skies German Shepherds
Froghole Farm
Okeford Fitzpaine

TelNo: 01258 861673

We are Animal Aromatics Practioners and can teach you to treat your animals. We also run a number of workshops covering holistic therapies for all animals including, reiki, massage, aromantics, bach flower and shiatsu

Area: Dorset
Town: Okeford Fitzpaine

Innate-Scents Animal Therapy

TelNo: 07773463423

Zoopharmacognosy therapy offers a gentle approach for starting sick, diseased, and injured animals onto a self propelled path to health. Suitable for all species, including livestock, reptiles, and birds. Increases well-being and activity levels, assist with positive disease transformation, reducing symptoms such as pain or anxiety, accelerates the natural healing process, supports the immune system. Therapy is safe and effective, now used at London's' Battersea Dogs' Home. I offer home and yard/farm visits in the UK as well as small group workshops. Other services included are animal communication and reiki. Fully insured.

Ki To Life

West Yorkshire

TelNo: 07908510361


Reiki master/ healer and animal healer.
Receive the benfits from this wonderful treatment. Also courses available Reiki 1, 2 and masters.

Woof 'n' Water Ltd
5 Hackett Drive
West Midlands

TelNo: 0121 558 5020

The only rehabilitation centre owned & run by an Animal Physiotherapist - Lee Rudge PGC A.Phys. We provide Physiotherapy for Horses, dogs & Cats and Hydrotherapy for Dogs & Cats, Professional Canine Treadmill & Dog Grooming. Covered by most leading Pet Insurers

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Complementary Therapies For Dogs


Acupuncture for Dogs


Aromatherapy for Dogs

  • Aromatherapy is one such natural alternative that has risen in popularity in recent times. Precious essential oils, carefully and laboriously extracted from parts of plants are now readily available.
  • Discover How You Can Use Essential Oils To Improve Your Dogs Happiness, Health and General Wellbeing.


Homeopathy for Dogs

Reiki Therapy for Dogs

–Will Your Dog Like It?

We normally associate Reiki, the ancient Japanese form of touch therapy, as a form of healing only practiced on humans. The growing popularity of keeping dogs as pets has seen many owners turning to Reiki therapists to treat their animals.
Reiki is a powerful natural therapy; it is a safe, gentle form of holistic healing that is eminently suitable for both humans and animals. When treating your dog a Reiki therapist channels energy through themselves, and into the patient. This energy flow can be administered either in a “hands-on” way or it can make use of a “distance healing” approach. The dog will usually determine the type of approach they prefer and the length of the treatment session. When your dog feels he/she has had enough they will generally walk away.

The therapy sessions will vary in length, the number required and the approach being taken. Generally the first session will involve the therapist familiarising themselves with your dog and establishing a rapport. They will then ask what you are trying to achieve and gather background information about your pets health and lifestyle. After the first visit any further sessions will typically last for 15 to 45 minutes.

In a healing session there is generally no use made of a treatment table, most dogs prefer to sit or lie down either on the floor, in a comfortable chair or on their owner's lap.

When a hands-on approach is taken the therapist uses a fixed set of hand positions suitable for dogs. This is a gentle process that dogs find soothing and welcoming.

Some dogs will be nervous, aggressive or just simply prefer not to be touched by strangers; they will often be more comfortable receiving the Reiki from a distance. This approach works equally well; the energy flow works just the same as it does if given “hands-on”.

Dogs respond well to Reiki, treatment is particularly successful in treating muscular aches, pains, back problems and strains. It can reduce stress, anxiety, nervousness and skin or coat problems and it is often used to help dogs with behaviour problems.

If you are contemplating using Reiki therapy for your dog it is worth bearing in mind that, in the UK, any sick animal must be taken to a vet, so any alternative therapy practitioner working with animals will need a referral from a veterinary surgeon in order to treat your pet legally.

The Increase in Popularity of Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Animals.

Recent years has seen a rapid growth in “Alternative or Complementary” medicine, this has been evidenced by the increase in practitioners and clinics offering treatments in these various forms of Alternative Therapy.
We have also seen the gradual acceptance by GP’s within the NHS of these forms of therapy as a genuine form of alternative to “convential” medicine.
The therapies available to animals has mirrored this growth and we now have a growth of practitioners offering Complementary Therapies for an increasing range of animals.
The veterinary profession has not been as quick as NHS GP’s in accepting Complementary Therapies as a suitable alternative treatment for animals. However vets, in their Guide to Professional Conduct have had to recognise the importance of "accountability, accessibility and transparency" in informing their clients about all the treatment options available to their animals
A wide variety of Clinics and Therapists now offer therapies for animals, some of the more popular include:-
• Acupuncture
• Aromatherapy
• Reiki
• Shiatsu
• Hydrotherapy
• Reflexology
• Homoeopathy
• Osteopathy
• Magnotherapy
• Chiropractic Therapy
• Kinesiology
The above range of therapies that are now being used to treat our animals confirm the growth in popularity of these forms of treatment, this is further reflected in the diverse types of animals that owners are choosing to receive treatment.
Horse owners have probably been the pioneers in this use of alternative therapy but there has been a significant growth in the range of animals receiving treatment these include dogs, cats, birds, various other more exotic pets and animals from farms and zoos.
If you are contemplating using Alternative or Complementary Therapy for your animal it is worth bearing in mind that any sick animal must be taken to a vet and any alternative practitioner working with animals will need a referral from a veterinary surgeon in order to treat your pet legally.

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