Freindly,obedient, alert and active dog with a protective and exhuberant nature.
Likes to develop close bonds with their owners.
Loyal, intelligent and obedient, making them easy to train.
Great with children

Dog Group - Kennel Club: Gundog
Coat: Short smooth and sleek
Grooming: Can shed a lot of hair so may need frequent brushing
Average Height: 56 - 69 cm, 22 -27 in.
Average Weight: 32 - 39 kg. 70 - 86 lb.
Colour: Silver grey, mouse coloured or roe grey.
Temperament: Good natured and freindly dogs making them excellent family pets.
Exercise: Needs lots of exercise but is quite happy to run alone.
Average Lifespan: 13 years

Possible disadvantages .
Can be a bit boisterous and exhuberant (often exaggerated by lack of exercise) for small children.

Sometimes aggressive to other dogs if not properly socialised.
Weimaraner can be a bit mischievous and are very curious by nature
They have a thin coat and be uncomfortable in cold weather.


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