Is a Border Collie the best pet dog or puppy to suit your lifestyle.

Border Collie

Choosing a Border Collie as your pet dog or puppy:--

General Description

Highly intelligent, readily trained dog breed. Plenty of stamina and as a pet is easily trained to play the chasing games necessary to satisfy its instincts to chase.

Suitable Owners

Suitable for energetic families able to provide regular exercise and training to give full rein to a great desire to chase and herd

Bred originally, and very successfully, to herd sheep.
Dog Group - Kennel Club:

Pastoral Group

Smooth, abundant and of a medium length. Soft, thick undercoat.

Weekly combing and brushing avoids matting and removes loose hair.
Average Height:

46-54 cms. 18-21 ins.
Average Weight:

14-22 kg. 30-49 lbs.

Most colours but white should not be dominant colour.

Keen, alert and responsive to commands. Enjoys the company found in a family enviroment and also that of other dogs.



Needs lots of exercise, can easily be trained to play and enjoy games (you walk one mile they run 10)


Average Lifespan: 

12-14 yrs.
Possible Disadvantages

Has an instict to chase which may be controlled if well socialised. Long hair can be a problem when returning home from wet and muddy walks.


Potential Health Concerns

Can suffer from deafness and eye problems.
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