Is a
Borzoi the best pet dog or puppy to suit your lifestyle.


Choosing a Borzoi as your pet dog or puppy:--

General Description

Large sleek, elegant dogs, agile and strong with a great liking for the chase.
Suitable Owners

Patient and fit owners who enjoy long brisk walks, someone who does not expect a lap dog but enjoys an aloof but affectionate pet.

Bred in Russia for coursing wolves, usually in pairs
Dog Group - Kennel Club:


 Fine, silky which can be flat, wavy or curly, usually longer on the body.

Average Height:

 68-74 cms. 27-29 ins.
Average Weight:

 35-48 kgs. 75-105 lbs.

 Any colour acceptable

 Generally very quiet dogs at home only barking occasionally but have a tendency to chase smaller animals if off the leash.. Good with children and other household pets.

 Enjoys long brisk walks, should only be let off leash in large safe areas
Average Lifespan: 

10-12 yrs.
Possible Disadvantages

Has in-built desire to chase and are not always responsive to owners commands.

Potential Health Concerns

Heart disease, eye problems, prone to bone cancer.
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