Choosing a Chihuahua - is this the best breed of pet dog or puppy to suit you and your family.


Choosing a Chihuahua as your pet dog or puppy:--

General Description

Reputedly the smallest dogs in the world they originate from Mexico but are happy in most environments. There are two types. smooth coated or long coated, but the same dog underneath.

Suitable Owners

Needs a caring owner, able to play and also keep an eye on this tiny dog.


Originally from Mexico bred as lap dogs
Dog Group - Kennel Club:

Toy dog breed

Two types, smooth haired or long haired, both are smooth soft textured


Minimal requirement, usually brushing once a week which can be more if taken on walks involving rain and mud.

Average Height:

15-23 cms. 6-8 ins.
Average Weight:

1-3 kgs. 2-6 lbs.


Alert, spirited, bold little dog that is also friendly and affectionate.Devoted to owners and usually good with children and other pets and strange animals.


Medium requirements but does enjoy walks whilst can be happy playing in the garden

Average Lifespan: 

14-16 yrs.
Possible Disadvantages

Small size means they may be at risk of injury around boisterous children.

Potential Health Concerns

Can be subject to eye and heart defects.
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