Is a
Corgi the best pet dog or puppy to suit your lifestyle.


Choosing a Corgi as your pet dog or puppy:--

General Description

There are two types of corgi-
Cardigan which has a full tail
Pembroke born without a tail.
Otherwise both are pretty much the same---small tenacious dogs, intelligent and easy to train, good with children and other animals
A very hardy breed
Suitable Owners

Patient an experienced owner prepared to take long walks with these energetic, playful dogs

Originally bred to herd cattle
Dog Group - Kennel Club:

 Pastoral (Herding)

 Thick, wiry with a dense undercoat

 Only requires occassional brushing but does shed hair more frequent brushing will deal with this problem
Average Height:

 27-30 cms.10-12 ins.
Average Weight:

 11-17 kgs. 25-38 lbs

 Any colour can have white markings

 Courageous, determined dogs but always playful and loyal with owners. Generally good with childre and they make good watchdogs .Being loyal, fun-loving, even-tempered and confident they make ideal family pets.

 Likes long walks and lots of play
Average Lifespan: 

12 yrs.
Possible Disadvantages

Can have a tendency to nip ankles and a desire to herd, especially children and other animals, however they are intelligent dogs and easy to train.

Potential Health Concerns

Generally healthy dogs but can be prone to eye and spine disorders.
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