Is a Dachshund the best pet dog or puppy to suit your lifestyle.


Choosing a Dachshund as your pet dog or puppy:--

General Description

Available as long or short haired varieties, Small but active little dogs. Friendly with family and other pets but can become a "one man dog"


Suitable Owners

Easygoing owner who will enjoy this independent tough little dog.

Germany, originally bred as an earthdog hunting badgers and foxes
Dog Group - Kennel Club:


 Short and smooth or Long and silky.

Short coat needs occasional brushing.
Long coat needs more frequent brushing to remove debris from outside exercise.

Average Height:

20-25 cms. 8-10 ins.
Average Weight:

6 11 kgs. 15 -35 lbs.

Various the most popular colors are solid red, or black and tan, but the coat may be chocolate, gray or white with rust


Playful, friendly, brave and fearless. Can be independent and sometimes stubborn.

Likes long walks but can also be content with garden play and games
Average Lifespan: 

14 - 16 yrs.
Possible Disadvantages

Can be a bit noisy for a small dog. Short dog and long hair can attract debris in outside walks.

Potential Health Concerns

Cataracts, epillepsy and often joint and back problems
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Long Haired Dachshund.

Short coated Dachshund


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