Is a
Maltese the best pet dog or puppy to suit your lifestyle.


Choosing a Maltese as your pet dog or puppy:--

General Description

The Maltese is among the gentlest mannered of all little dogs, and its trust and responsiveness are appealing and resemble toys.

Suitable Owners

Affectionate, gentle and playful owner who has plenty of time for grooming.

Oricinally bred as companions.
Dog Group - Kennel Club:


Long, flowing single coat down to the ground. The Maltese sheds practically no hair at all

Twice weekly grooming sessions
Average Height:

20 - 25 cms. 8 -10 ins.
Average Weight:

2 - 3 kg. 4 -6 lbs.

Pure white

An ideal companion, they are so gentle and affectionate. They are sensitive and responsive and love to cuddle. They will want to be by your side at all times, and will demand to go with you wherever you go.


A good pet for limited accommodations, the Maltese's exercise needs are minimal.  


Average Lifespan: 

14 yrs.
Possible Disadvantages

The long coat can collect debris on walks and will require regular brushhing.

Potential Health Concerns

Potential eye problems, deafness and dental problems.
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