Is a Norwich Terrier the best pet dog or puppy to suit your lifestyle.

Norwich Terrier

Choosing a Norwich Terrier as your pet dog or puppy:--

General Description

Similar to Norfolk terriers but they have pricked years, small but feisty.
Suitable Owners

Active ownerwho enjoys walks and play with this exhuberant, playful dogs

Bred to hunt vermin
Dog Group - Kennel Club:


Medium length coat, hard and wiry

Cost may need cutting every few months, occasional brushing as the dogs share little hair.
Average Height:

 24-25 cms 9-10 ins.
Average Weight:

 5-6 kg. 11-12 lbs.

 Black, tan. wheaten or red

 Feisty but friendly little dogs, lots of energy and enjoys play. Good family pet who enjoys children and other pets if socialised early. Intelligent and easy to train.

Medium exercise requirements but enjoys play.
Average Lifespan: 

14 yrs.
Possible Disadvantages

Can be quite independent and tends to get bored if not played with or exercised enough.

Potential Health Concerns

possible heart defects and epilepsy
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