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Dog Breeds for your Lifestyle needs (little or lots of exercise, little grooming, elderly owners, easily trained, suitable in flats etc.)

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Choosing Dog Breeds that are good travellers
Most dogs enjoys travelling, their size does not seem to really matter.
Probably most dogs will experience car journeys at some point in their lives, whether these are short or long there will be certain factors that owners should be aware of :-
As not every dog enjoys car travel try to make the experience as pleasant and easy as possible. Make them a comfortable area in which they travel (a restrained car carrier if possible).

Dogs that are good travellers:-

A car carrier or crate ensures the safety of the dog, restricts the dog from straying about the car, which could lead to distraction for the driver or even impede his view. It as also essential that you do not allow your pet to travel with his head out of the car window, he could fall out, hurt his neck or damage his eyes in the wind and grit.
Try to plan any long journeys by allowing time for comfort stops, carry plenty of liquids and food for your dog and ensure your pet is put on a lead before allowing him out of the vehicle.

Some suggestions for Dog Types that are well behaved when travelling

Dog Breed

Basset Hound
Bassets adapt well to town or country life. Quite the charmer, the Basset loves children, good with other pets requires little groomingand makes a good watchdog, which makes it a deservingly popular pet.

Beagle -
Medium sized happy and lively dogs, alert with a tolerant nature, can show an independent streak and a desire to follow scents. A lovely dog with a gentle nature,
affectionate and friendly, good with children, other dogs and strangers.

Affectionate, affable, sensitive and sometimes reserved dogs. Good with children but can often knock them over.Generally good with strangers, other pets and unfamiliar dogs.
Enjoys company making them ideal family dogs.

Border Terrier
Alert and playful, small physically but a big dog in personality, and well able to stand up for themselves. Attractive dogs that need little grooming.
Great dog for families with active children, sweet natured, playful and easy to train.

Brussels Griffon

Clumber Spaniel

English Setters
Graceful, elegant dogs with plenty of energy
. Friendly dog, excellent with children, has a soft mouth but can be lively and exhuberant.

Fox Terrier

Golden Retrievers
This is another breed that has a lot of energy and will want to play for hours. Golden retrievers are intelligent, easy to train,loyal, and with a life span of 10-12 year will be a long time family member.

Maltese -
The Maltese is a tiny, docile breed that is extremely affectionate and loves to be pampered it is among the gentlest mannered of all little dogs, and its trust and responsiveness are appealing Easy to train, they love to play fetch and learn tricks. They do not shed but require regular brushing to keep their coats from matting. Like other non-shedding dogs, they are a good choice for allergy sufferers. A good pet in limited accommodation, the Maltese's exercise needs are minimal

Affectionate dogs that are also resolute and courageous.
Devoted to their owners, good with children but need socialising to be tolerant of strangers and other dogs
calm, bold and courageous. Loyal to owners and intelligent making them responsive to commands and easily trainable.


There are some basic areas that anyone, whatever their lifestyle requirements, should consider before making the choice of what type of dog would be most suitable.
These start with details about your lifestyle:- (Previous dog owners will probably have assessed these points already but their lifestyle and requirements may have changed).

Our Guide to Choosing a Pet Dog contains a further, broader, range of information that you should consider before choosing any new pet dog.

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Dogs For Your Lifestyle.
Dog Breeds that will best suit your needs (little or lots of exercise, little grooming, elderly owners, easily trained, suitable in flats etc.)