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Choosing a Dog breed that requires lots of grooming.
All dog breeds, whether they are longhaired or shorthaired, big or small, need to be groomed to look their best.
Every single dog will need brushing, bathing, have their nails trimmed and their teeth checking.
The grooming requirements will vary from breed to breed, some will require daily brushing and combing, others less often. It is not just the coat type that dictates how often, outside exercise and walks in wet and muddy enviroments will obviously result in a dog that needs brushing or even bathing
Dogs requiring lots of grooming:-

Some suggestions for Dog Breeds you might consider that requires lots of grooming.
Many owners find the act of grooming to be a soothing and enjoyable experience for them and their dog. They can increase bonding between dog and owner and will provide useful relaxation time and even joint exercise for elderly or less abled owners.

Dog Breed

Afghan Hound
Afghans are elegant, independent, keen, sensitive, loyal, loving companions, calm and patient they are tolerant of children and most other pets. They can often appear unintelligent and this combined with their independent nature can make them difficult to train.

Bearded Collie
They are lively and good company. Their nature encourages close bonding and their gentle behaviour makes them good with children and ideal family pets. Loves to be part of a family and good with other pets.

Bichon Frise -
Good natured small dogs that make excellent pets . Very attractive and distinctive with a predominately white coat and a pocket-sized appeal, they do not need particularly long walks and make excellent gentle and loving companions.

Large sleek, elegant dogs, agile and strong with a great liking for the chase.
Generally very quiet dogs at home only barking occasionally but have a tendency to chase smaller animals if off the leash.. Good with children and other household pets.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel -
A generally playful dog that likes human company, but are sometimes reserved with strangers. Affectionate and devoted to owners and children, good with other pets and friendly towards unfamiliar dogs, thrives on human contact and will love being part of your family.

Collie -
Collies make great family pets because they love to be with people, and love to be part of the family. They are great with children and often take a special interest in them. A highly intelligent dog that is easy to train, they will bond quickly and easily with a family and easily become watchful and protective of the home.

Lhasa Apso
A medium szed dog that is a very friendly and popular dog it is alert, reserved and vocal which can make them good watchdogs.Devoted and loyal to owners whilst remaing independent (likes to be his own dog).
Good with childre but often frightened of toddlers and babies. It does well living indoors, as long as it is walked daily. The Lhasa Apso sheds really heavily, though, so it needs to be professionally groomed every 8 weeks to prevent matting.

Pekingese -
Small affectionate little dogs with long silky coats and a shortened pug like face. They are affectionate but have independent personalities. Pekingese usually get along well with other dogs and people, but may be wary of strangers. They need regular grooming but require little exercise.

Shetland Sheepdog
The "Sheltie" is in most ways a smaller version of the rough collie. A gentle reserved dog with a magnificent, profuse coat. Highly intelligent, easy to train they make ideal companions and family pets.

Shih-Tzu -
Active, friendly, alert little dogs with an independent nature.Affectionate and devoted to their owners, good with children and other animals They live for human companionship; and have a have a sweet, gentle disposition Their long coats can require high-maintenance grooming, or they can be trimmed in a "puppy cut" which requires less upkeep.

There are some basic areas that anyone, whatever their lifestyle requirements, should consider before making the choice of what type of dog would be most suitable.
These start with details about your lifestyle:- (Previous dog owners will probably have assessed these points already but their lifestyle and requirements may have changed).

Our Guide to Choosing a Pet Dog contains a further, broader, range of information that you should consider before choosing any new pet dog.

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Dogs For Your Lifestyle.
Dog Breeds that will best suit your needs (little or lots of exercise, little grooming, elderly owners, easily trained, suitable in flats etc.)