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Before choosing any dog to suit your lifestyle requirements you should read our Guide to Choosing a Pet Dog to get an overall view of
the many areas you should consider before making your final decision to get the right pet dog for you.


There are some basic areas that anyone, whatever their lifestyle requirements, should consider before making the choice of what type of dog would be most suitable.
These start with details about your lifestyle:- (Previous dog owners will probably have assessed these points already but their lifestyle and requirements may have changed).

Our Guide to Choosing a Pet Dog contains a further, broader, range of information that you should consider before choosing any new pet dog.

Guide to Pet Dog Breeds
A guide to choosing the best pet dog or puppy for you and your family.
Choosing the right pet dog breed for families with children

Dog Breeds for your Lifestyle needs (little or lots of exercise, little grooming, elderly owners, easily trained, suitable in flats etc.)

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  • How active are you, what are your energy levels? The activity levels of dog breeds will vary, many dogs require long walks and outside exercise (boredom and bad behaviour often result from lack of exercise}

  • What size of dog would suit your lifestyle:- (dogs fall into three size groupings- small, medium and large),
    Is your accommodation and outside space sufficient for a large dog?
    Are you able to handle a larger dog on walks?
    Could you lift or carry a larger dog if necessary?
    Small dogs can also be full of energy and busy dogs at home can cause all sorts of problems

  • How much time can you give to your pet dog. Apart from exercise, dogs could make other demands on your time.
    Easy to train dogs obviously require less time spent on training.
    Little or no grooming may be a factor.
    Do you require a dog that likes playing or a more docile “lapdog”?

  • Noise levels…many dogs react to unfamiliar noises, some by barking or growling and others who may be more shy or reserved can become frightened. Extreme barking can obviously cause problems for you or your neighbours.

  • Will you need to leave your dog alone for short periods? (Doctor or hospital visits even social visits to “dog free” zones). Some dogs can cope with this, others, unless trained, find it difficult and can get bored.

  • Will the added cost of keeping a dog fit in with your lifestyle and circumstances?

Some suggestions for Dog Breeds that are.

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Dog Breed Blurbs

Afghan Hound
Afghans are elegant, independent, keen, sensitive, loyal, loving companions, calm and patient they are tolerant of children and most other pets. They can often appear unintelligent and this combined with their independent nature can make them difficult to train.

Airedale Terrier
Feisty and independent, can be affectionate and good with children and other animals if socialised with them from an early age. Good temperament with a possessive nature towards owner, which makes them good all-round family dogs

(German Shepherd Dog)
A multi purpose breed, apart from pets their more obvious uses are Guard Dogs, Police Dogs and Guide Dogs.
Loyal and protective these dogs can make ideal family pets but need to be socialised from puppies

Basset Hound
Bassets adapt well to town or country life. Quite the charmer, the Basset loves children, good with other pets requires little groomingand makes a good watchdog, which makes it a deservingly popular pet.

Beagle -
Medium sized happy and lively dogs, alert with a tolerant nature, can show an independent streak and a desire to follow scents. A lovely dog with a gentle nature,
affectionate and friendly, good with children, other dogs and strangers.

Bearded Collie

They are lively and good company. Their nature encourages close bonding and their gentle behaviour makes them good with children and ideal family pets. Loves to be part of a family and good with other pets.

Bedlington Terrier
As with many terriers can be fiesty and tenacious. When socialised they become sweet natured and affectionate family members. Generally good with other dogs and pets but sometimes reserved with strangers.

Bichon Frise -
Good natured small dogs that make excellent pets . Very attractive and distinctive with a predominately white coat and a pocket-sized appeal, they do not need particularly long walks and are just happy in big houses or small flats Good with children and other pets they make excellent gentle and loving companions.

Affectionate, affable, sensitive and sometimes reserved dogs. Good with children but can often knock them over.Generally good with strangers, other pets and unfamiliar dogs.
Enjoys company making them ideal family dogs.

Border Collie
They're good with children and make excellent watchdogs. H
ighly intelligent, readily trained dog breed. Keen, alert and responsive to commands. Enjoys the company found in a family enviroment and also that of other dogs.

Border Terrier
Alert and playful, small physically but a big dog in personality, and well able to stand up for themselves
. Attractive dogs that need little grooming.
Great dog for families with active children, sweet natured, playful and easy to train.

Large sleek, elegant dogs, agile and strong with a great liking for the chase.
Generally very quiet dogs at home only barking occasionally but have a tendency to chase smaller animals if off the leash.. Good with children and other household pets.

Boston Terriers -
Small impressive looking dogs who often prefer the company of their owners to other dogs. Not demanding with a gentle demeanour. They are gentle and friendly dogs who are easily housetrained. Not requiring lots of exercise they are happy in big houses or small flats

Dogs that are quiet, intelligent, playful and fun to be around, they are a great choice for a family with children. Easy to train they are dedicated and easily become devoted to a family whilst sometimes being reserved around strangers. With their smooth coat they reqiure little grooming.


Calm, bold and courageous. Loyal to owners and intelligent making them responsive to commands and easily trainable.
Fits well into family environment but may need their boisterous nature curbing from an early age.

Brussels Griffon

Affectionate dogs that are also resolute and courageous.
Devoted to their owners, good with children but need socialising to be tolerant of strangers and other dogs
calm, bold and courageous. Loyal to owners and intelligent making them responsive to commands and easily trainable.

Bull Terrier
Feisty, ferocious and easily aroused with incredible jaw strength. They can make good pets (good, patient and tolerant with children and other pets ) if well socialised from an early age. Affectionate and loving towards owners.

Cairn Terrier
The cairn is typical terrier; plucky, spirited, inquisitive, hardy, clever, stubborn and scrappy. It is responsive to its owner's wishes with a desire to please. It enjoys playing with children and is tough enough to withstand some rough friendly play. Not requiring lots of exercise they are happy in big houses or small flats

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel -
A generally playful dog that likes human company, but are sometimes reserved with strangers. Affectionate and devoted to owners and children, good with other pets and friendly towards unfamiliar dogs, thrives on human contact and will love being part of your family. They are happy in big houses or small flats and are intelligent and easy to train.

Chihuahua -
Alert, spirited, bold little dog that is also friendly and affectionate.Devoted to owners and usually good with children and other pets Chihuahuas have strong personalities and tend to bond with one adult. Their tiny size makes them easy to handle. They are easy to train, require little grooming and they are happy in big houses or small flats

Cocker Spaniel -
Medium sized dog that is friendly, energetic and keen to please. Good with children and other dogs the Cocker Spaniel makes an ideal family pet. Has lots of energy and can be trained with patience

Collie -
Collies make great family pets because they love to be with people, and love to be part of the family. They are great with children and often take a special interest in them. A highly intelligent dog that is easy to train, they will bond quickly and easily with a family and easily become watchful and protective of the home.

There are two types of corgi- Cardigan which has a full tail, Pembroke born without a tail.
Otherwise bt are pretty much the same---small tenacious dogs, intelligent and easy to train, good with children and other animals
A very hardy breed.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier
It is a loyal companion suitable for people of all ages, but it does need daily exercise to keep it from becoming frustrated. It is intelligent and very independent. It tends to be reserved with strangers and can be aggressive toward strange dogs.

Available as long or short haired varieties, Small but active little dogs. Friendly with family and other pets but can become a "one man dog"
. Playful, friendly, brave and fearless. They need little grooming and exercise and they are happy in big houses or small flats

Distinctive "spotty dog". Friendly, elegant,exhuberant and outgoing popular dog.

Exhuberant, friendly and outgoing dogs. Affectionate and devoted with owners, child friendly if socialised early.

Doberman Pinscher

Large, athletic dog, very robust and fearless making them excellent gaurd dogs
. Easily trained they are very intelligentl and are oyal and affectionate towards their owners but they do need early socialisation which makes them good with childre and other pets

English Foxhound

Friendly, energetic dogs that are large and eager and love the company of other dogs and animals. Highly active, friendly, and extremely alert, these dogs have plenty of stamina and endurance. Moderately easy to train they make independent but very affectionate pets.

English Setters
Graceful, elegant dogs with plenty of energy
. Friendly dog, excellent with children, has a soft mouth but can be lively and exhuberant.

English Springer Spaniel
A great all-round family dog . Affectionate, friendly, active and enthusiastic, Highly intelligent and easy to train. Good with other animals and children, forms close bond with the whole family and if they get plenty of exercise are prepared to snooze at home if left alone.

Fox Terrier
 Loyal but independent dog that bonds with owner and family. Intelligent and moderately easy to train. Lively and full of energy with an alert and curious nature. Good with children and household pets but can be wary and aggressive with strange dogs.

Gordon Setter
Happy, outgoing dogs that are also fearless, bold and affectionate. Quite easy to train they are generally obedient, make ideal family pets or working gundogs, they are great with children and other animals although they can be shy with strangers, Generally alert they make excellent watchdogs.

Great Dane

Exhuberant, outgoing dogs that can sometimes be stubborn and independent. Moderately easy to train (but easy to housetrain). Likes to be part of the family and if exercised properly will often be quiet at home, Generally make good guard dog possibly due to appearance rather than aggression..


Loyal, affectionate, calm dogs with a wonderful even temper. Loves human company and belonging to a family, despite appearances loves to relax at home.after walks. Loves children and are generally very affectionate

Golden Retrievers
This is another breed that has a lot of energy and will want to play for hours. Golden retrievers are intelligent, easy to train,loyal, and with a life span of 10-12 year will be a long time family member.I

Irish Setter

Extremely active, often excitable dogs that are also affectionate and loyal. Great with children and family pets they make an ideal pet dog for active families.
Reasonably easy to train they learn new commands quickly.

Irish Wolfhound
This large dog is friendly, gentle and affectionate.although can be independent. Moderately intelligent making them fairly easy to train. Good guard dogs and great with kids being gentle and calm, although their sheer size can lead to them accidently knocking over babies and toddlers

Jack Russel Terrier
Small dogs but full of energy and character, Popular and well known they make ideal family pets but can also be used as a working dog
. Affectionate and loyal is good with children especially if raised with them.

Labrador Retriever -
A kind natured dog not aggressive, intelligent and easy to train learning commands very quickly.
Reliable, trustworthy, calm, friendly, gentle and confident. A very popular dog that is very eager to please you and is always ready to have fun.

Lhasa Apso
A medium szed dog that is a very friendly and popular dog it is alert, reserved and vocal which can make them good watchdogs.Devoted and loyal to owners whilst remaing independent (likes to be his own dog).
Good with childre but often frightened of toddlers and babies. It does well living indoors, as long as it is walked daily. The Lhasa Apso sheds really heavily, though, so it needs to be professionally groomed every 8 weeks to prevent matting.

Maltese -
The Maltese is a tiny, docile breed that is extremely affectionate and loves to be pampered it is among the gentlest mannered of all little dogs, and its trust and responsiveness are appealing Easy to train, they love to play fetch and learn tricks. They do not shed but require regular brushing to keep their coats from matting. Like other non-shedding dogs, they are a good choice for allergy sufferers. A good pet in limited accommodation, the Maltese's exercise needs are minimal

A true gentle giant, while they are powerful and courageous they are also calm, gentle and protective.
Very loyal and enjoying the company of humans especially families they make great family pets. \Good with children especially if socialised early.

Miniature poodle -
Small dogs that are often the breed of choice for owners who want to pamper their dog. Poodles love attention and company of people, and are easily trained. They are handsome, intelligent and lively pets and companions.They need a moderate amount of exercise. abd their curly coats can be clipped short for ease of grooming with longer coats they hould be brushed every day although poodles do not shed and are a good choice for allergy sufferers.

Norfolk Terrier
Norfolks are charming small, active teddy bears of dogs that are friendly and amusing companions
Outgoing, fearless dogs that enjoy playing with children.

Norwich Terrier
Feisty but friendly little dogs, lots of energy and enjoys play. Good family pet who enjoys children and other pets if socialised early. Intelligent and easy to train.

Papillon -
A small pretty and lively dog ideal as a companion or as a loving easily socialised dog for families Its beautiful coat is prone to frequent shedding and needs to be combed at least daily. These dogs make wonderful lapdogs, and they are relatively quiet, compared to other small breeds.The breed is also relatively hardy.

Pekingese -
Small affectionate little dogs with long silky coats and a shortened pug like face. They are affectionate but have independent personalities. Pekingese usually get along well with other dogs and people, but may be wary of strangers. They need regular grooming but require little exercise.

Pinscher (Miniature)
Feisty, independent, brave, curious dogs that are constantly busy, Intelligent and easy to train, a good family dog easy to train and god with children and other animals

Pomeranian -
These vivacious, extrovert little dogs will bring a smile to any face, although sometimes they can be noisy. They just love to snuggle up and nap in a person's lap. They usually prefer adults to children and get along well with other pets. They are intelligent, feisty dogs and have a low need for exercise. Despite having fluffy coats they do not need much grooming.

Pointer (German Shorthaired)
Lively exhuberant dogs full of energy and enthusiasm Enjoys lots of exercise and games. Intelligent, easy to train learning new commands easily. Good family dog, great with children and other pets

Poodle (Miniature) -
The miniature poodle is lively, amiable, playful, eager to please, responsive and obedient making it one of the most popular varieties of dog. Quite sensitive, tending to be devoted to one person, may be reserved with strangers. It is good with children, other pets and dogs. Some tend to bark a lot.

Poodle Standard
All around the standard poodle is a great dog. With its pleasing attitude, loving disposition, an amazing patience this dog makes a great kids dog.

Poodle (Toy)
Good natured, affectionate and dependable dogs full of spirit but responsive. Highly intelligent making the easy to train. great family pets, good with children and other animals

Pug -
A small dog that is sociable, homely, companionable and friendly , their playful and clownish nature makes them ideal family pets.
Not overly intelligent which means patience is required when training..Has a low exercise requirement but can be high-energy dogs that love to cuddle. Can shed quite a bit which might require regular grooming.


Bold, courageous and confident dogs they are calm ,affectionate and protective but often not very demonstrative even with their owners.Very intelligent and one of the easiest dogs to train, however this should be done from early age. Good with kids and other pets but can be very protective.

Schnauzer (Giant)
Intellgent, alert dogs, bold and brave but calm and reliable. Loyal and affectionate
Reasonably easy to train good with children and other pets

Schnauzer Miniature
Alert and playful enjoys human company. Intelligent they are reasonably easy to train good with children and other pets make good watchdogs

Schnauzer (Standard) -
Medium sized dogs that are sociable and playful although they can be very protective and have strong guarding instincts. Their coat requires professional clipping.
Alert and playful enjoys company, very good with children especially if raised with them

Shetland Sheepdog

The "Sheltie" is in most ways a smaller version of the rough collie. A gentle reserved dog with a magnificent, profuse coat. Highly intelligent, easy to train they make ideal companions and family pets.

Shih-Tzu -
Active, friendly, alert little dogs with an independent nature.Affectionate and devoted to their owners, good with children and other animals They live for human companionship; and have a have a sweet, gentle disposition Their long coats can require high-maintenance grooming, or they can be trimmed in a "puppy cut" which requires less

West Highland Terrier
Very popular pets, active and playful they can sometimes be feisty and independent but they are also affectionate and loyal.
Alert dogs they make good watchdogs.
Affectionate and loyal towards owners and great with children if raised with them.

Friendly with strangers and other dogs if well socialised.

A sleek, handsome and very fast sight hound which makes an excellent family pet. Gentle, affectionate, friendly, and easy-going,
very good with children but can be difficult to control on walks.


Friendly,obedient, alert and active dog with a protective and exhuberant nature.
Likes to develop close bonds with their owners.
Loyal, intelligent and obedient, making them easy to train.
Great with children

Wire Hair Fox Terrier
Very terrier like, quick, alert and feisty. Freindly, extrovert, curious and often quite stubborn. Moderately easy to train, good with kids and great watchdogs but can be aggressive with other dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier -
Small but feisty, tenacious and courageous.
Popular dogs that are intelligent and easy to train, learning commands quickly .They love human companionship without being too clingy Good with children and strangers
Very affectionate and loyal. Their long coat can be trimmed to a shorter length for ease of maintenance. They do not shed and are good low-allergy dogs.


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