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Our page of Dogs suitable for families with children


Child Friendly Dogs Which are suitable for children


Dogs good with children Dogs compatible with children


Dog and Puppies for Kids Child Friendly Dog Breeds


Dogs Good with Children Dogs Suitable for Children


Large dogs who are kid friendly



Large Sized Dogs and Older Children
There are undeniably some Dog Breeds that are suitable for placing in the same environment as children. Some obvious factors to consider are that some dogs are so small they may get injured easily by young children conversely some dogs are large and very active which could be an accident waiting to happen around young children.

Some Large Sized Dog Breeds suitable for families with Children.

Afghan Hound
Afghans are elegant, independent, keen, sensitive, loyal, loving companions, calm and patient they are tolerant of children and most other pets. They can often appear unintelligent and this combined with their independent nature can make them difficult to train.

Airedale Terrier
Feisty and independent, can be affectionate and good with children and other animals if socialised with them from an early age. Good temperament with a possessive nature towards owner, which makes them good all-round family dogs

Affectionate, affable, sensitive and sometimes reserved dogs. Good with children but can often knock them over.Generally good with strangers, other pets and unfamiliar dogs.
Enjoys company making them ideal family dogs.


Large sleek, elegant dogs, agile and strong with a great liking for the chase.
Generally very quiet dogs at home only barking occasionally but have a tendency to chase smaller animals if off the leash.. Good with children and other household pets.


Calm, bold and courageous. Loyal to owners and intelligent making them responsive to commands and easily trainable.
Fits well into family environment but may need their boisterous nature curbing from an early age.

Collie -
Collies make great family pets because they love to be with people, and love to be part of the family. They are great with children and often take a special interest in them. A highly intelligent dog that is easy to train, they will bond quickly and easily with a family and easily become watchful and protective of the home.

Distinctive "spotty dog". Friendly, elegant,exhuberant and outgoing popular dog.
Exhuberant, friendly and outgoing dogs. Affectionate and devoted with owners, child friendly if socialised early.

Labrador Retriever -
A kind natured dog not aggressive, intelligent and easy to train learning commands very quickly.
Reliable, trustworthy, calm, friendly, gentle and confident. A very popular dog that is very eager to please you and is always ready to have fun.

Golden Retrievers
This is another breed that has a lot of energy and will want to play for hours on in. Golden retrievers are intelligent, loyal, and with a life span of 10-12 year will be a long time family member.

English Setters
Graceful, elegant dogs with plenty of energy
. Friendly dog, excellent with children, has a soft mouth but can be lively and exhuberant.

Gordon Setter
Happy, outgoing dogs that are also fearless, bold and affectionate. Quite easy to train they are generally obedient, make ideal family pets or working gundogs, they are great with children and other animals although they can be shy with strangers, Generally alert they make excellent watchdogs.

Dogs that are quiet, intelligent, playful and fun to be around, they are a great choice for a family with children.Easy to train they are dedicated and easily becomr devoted to a family whilst sometimes being reserved around strangers.

Great Dane
Exhuberant, outgoing dogs that can sometimes be stubborn and independent. Moderately easy to train (but easy to housetrain). Likes to be part of the family and if exercised properly will often be quiet at home, Generally make good guard dog possibly due to appearance rather than aggression.


Loyal, affectionate, calm dogs with a wonderful even temper. Loves human company and belonging to a family, despite appearances loves to relax at home.after walks. Loves children and are generally very affectionate

Pointer (German Shorthaired)
Lively exhuberant dogs full of energy and enthusiasm Enjoys lots of exercise and games. Intelligent, easy to train learning new commands easily. Good family dog, great with children and other pets.

Poodle Standard
All around the standard poodle is a great dog. With its pleasing attitude, loving disposition, an amazing patience this dog makes a great kids dog.

Shetland Sheepdog

The "Sheltie" is in most ways a smaller version of the rough collie. A gentle reserved dog with a magnificent, profuse coat.
Highly intelligent, easy to train they make ideal companions and family pets.

Friendly,obedient, alert and active dog with a protective and exhuberant nature.
Likes to develop close bonds with their owners.
Loyal, intelligent and obedient, making them easy to train.
Great with children


Large Dog Breeds. (It must be realised that large dogs are capable of knocking over small children, but many large dogs prove to be very patient, long suffering and protective with small children)

For further information about dog breeds visit our Popular Dog Breeds page

Suitable Small Sized Dogs for:- Babies ---- Toddlers ---- Children

Suitable Medium Sized Dogs for:- Babies ---- Toddlers ---- Children

Suitable Large Sized Dogs for:- Babies ---- Toddlers ---- Children





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