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Our page of Dogs suitable for families with children


Child Friendly Dogs Which are suitable for children


Dogs good with babies, Dogs compatible with babies


Dog and Puppies for Kids, Toddler Friendly Dog Breeds


Dogs Good with Toddlers Dogs Suitable for Children


Dogs who are kid friendly



Dogs and Children
In general dogs and children make a good combination but it is safe to say that dogs and children do not always mix. Some dogs are too large, boisterous and can be very active, often bred for guard duties or as working dogs (these breeds can often frighten small children), other dogs may be too noisy or appear aggressive. There are however many breeds of dogs that are child friendly and have suitable temperaments to mix with even the smallest child.

Choosing the Best Dog breed with:

Advice on Socialising your dog and children
It is worth remembering that your children will have to be trained on how to treat a dog, so you should plan to spend lots of time training both the dog and the children. It is frequently stated on other pages describing specific breed types that certain dog breeds are great with children if they are well socialised, this may seem obvious but it is vital in creating a successful relationship and a much loved pet.
It is a fact that dogs and children can be the best or the worst matches and it is safe to say that the breed of the dog is not the only factor that determines how your children and dog will get along. Because all dogs, regardless of breed type will be individuals. Whilst he breed type is an important factor, it is only one of the properties that make up tthe temperament and behaviour of any dog you choose. Below ae some more factors that will help you choose the best dogs for children.

  • Socialising your dog with children.
    If a dog is to be in an enviroment with children it is important that the dog be well trained, it should be obvious to both dog and child that there is a bond between owner and dog and the dog is both obedient and responsive. Because children (especially young ones) can often be unpredictable and are often noisy and excitable, all of which can be confusing for dogs and they could even find it threatening, it is important that an adult be present at meetings.
    Try to introduce your dog to a new child, or conversely a new child to your dog slowly, preferably in a calm quiet environment. Get the dog used to the new noises and smells
    Remember getting your dog child tolerant not only apllies to children within the family, thought should be given to visitors or children you might meet on walks etc.
    It may be necessary, initially, to keep your dog on a lead when around children

    Suitable Small Sized Dogs for:- Babies ---- Toddlers ---- Children

    Suitable Medium Sized Dogs for:- Babies ---- Toddlers ---- Children

    Suitable Large Sized Dogs for:- Babies ---- Toddlers ---- Children

  • Socialising your children with dogs
    With children iit is your duty as Parent(s) to teach them, as early as possible, how to behave around dogs. Often young children will be rough with dogs, as a form of play, tugging ears or tails, pushing them ar trying to take things from their mouths or just generally tormenting them, this can overwhelm the dog and can often cause a reaction, a dog may respond to this by growling or even worse snapping or biting. This type of behaviour must be discouraged from the beginning which makes it important not to leave dogs and small children alone, parents should always be nearby, supervising their actions. Generally children under 6 years of age will usually require extra supervision, above this age they often will start to develop meaningful and rewarding relationships.
    Encourage your children to play gently with the dog at first and any touching or stroking should be of a gentle nature, avoid any patting or teasing.
    Probably he best way to educate your children into acceptable behaviour around a dog is by your example and how you interact with the dog yourself.

    Suitable Small Sized Dogs for:- Babies ---- Toddlers ---- Children

    Suitable Medium Sized Dogs for:- Babies ---- Toddlers ---- Children

    Suitable Large Sized Dogs for:- Babies ---- Toddlers ---- Children


Dogs with new babies
It is very important your dog should be taught to be quiet and restrained around new babies, no jumping or barking, get the dog familiar with the new smells and noises associated with a new baby. Any new baby or small child should be encouraged to be calm and gentle around your dog especially if they are puppies.
As a precaution it might be advisable to muzzle your dog during early meetings and try to avoid any reaction from the babies; sudden movements or noisy actions.

Some suitable dog breeds for families with babies :-



Dogs with Toddlers
As babies move into the toddler stage they become more mobile, physical and curious which will affect his behaviour towards dogs.
Toddlers are often excitable and like to play and touch new things which can mean a tendency to pull tails and ears, ruffle coats and even poke eyes. Toddlers can try to play with the dogs toys and possessions. With some breeds this behaviour may be tolerated but some dogs can be possessive about their possessions and space. At first it may be better to try and avoid balls, bones, sweets, and other favourite objects being around when a toddler and dog are together.
With this in mind small children should not be left in the same room with a dog, ideally
an adult should always be present. Despite how good natured the dog may be, small children generally have no judgement concerning dogs which sometimes leads to behaviour that even the best natured dog cannot tolerate.
Try to teach your toddler to be respectful of your pet, discourage any inappropriate behaviour, like tail pulling, suddenly and roughly grabbing the dog, trying to carry the dog in uncomfortable positions, and bothering sleeping dogs. Replace these unwanted behaviours with alternative, compatible, and mutually enjoyable ways of interacting with your dog. Positive reinforcement of good behaviour can help both dogs and toddlers. Let them both know when you like their behaviour. Whenever your toddler is calmly petting your dog, tell him he's doing a good job. If your dog is calmly accepting having your toddler being a little rough, give him a treat (and then remind your toddler about the right way to handle the dog!). Consistently rewarding good behaviour from both of them and discouraging any innapropriate behaviour will make for a better relationship between your toddler and your dog.

Some suitable dog breeds for families with toddlers :-



Some suitable dogs breeds for families with children
There are undeniably some Dog Breeds that are suitable for placing in the same environment as children..
Some obvious factors to consider are that some dogs are so small they may get injured easily by young children conversely some dogs are large an very active which could be an accident waiting to happen around young children.

Some suitable dog breeds for families with older children :-



The final choice
At last, you have found a new dog for your family. and now you will find that having a dog is a wonderful way of enriching your child’s development and create memories that will last for years to come. The bond between dogs and kids is nearly always a joy and maintaining this will require work, training both your child and dog together takes time, responsible parenting and responsible dog ownership will bring their own rewards.

For more information about specific breeds visit our Popular Breeds page.

A good dog breeder should always be able to offer advice about the suitability of the breed with children.

For further information about dog breeds visit our Popular Dog Breeds page

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