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Our page of Dogs suitable for families with children


Child Friendly Dogs Which are suitable for children


Dogs good with toddlers Dogs compatible with toddlers


Dog and Puppies for Kids Toddler Friendly Dog Breeds


Dogs Good with Toddlers Dogs Suitable for Children


Medium dogs who are kid friendly



Medium Sized Dogs and Toddlers
As babies move into the toddler stage they become more mobile, physical and curious which will affect their behaviour towards dogs.
Toddlers are often excitable and like to play and touch new things which can mean a tendency to pull tails and ears, ruffle coats and even poke eyes. Toddlers can try to play with the dogs toys and possessions. With some breeds this behaviour may be tolerated but some dogs can be possessive about their possessions and space.

Some Medium Sized Dog Breeds suitable for families with toddlers.

Beagle -
Medium sized happy and lively dogs, alert with a tolerant nature, can show an independent streak and a desire to follow scents. A lovely dog with a gentle nature,
affectionate and friendly, good with children.

Basset Hound
Bassets adapt well to town or country life. Quite the charmer, the Basset loves children and is a good watchdog, making it a deservingly popular pet.

Border Collie
They're good with children and make excellent watchdogs. Highly intelligent, readily trained dog breed. Keen, alert and responsive to commands. Enjoys the company found in a family enviroment and also that of other dogs.

Schnauzer (Standard) -
Medium sized dogs that are sociable and playful although they can be very protective and have strong guarding instincts. Their coat requires professional clipping.
Alert and playful enjoys company, very good with children especially if raised with them

Norfolk Terrier
Norfolks are charming small, active teddy bears of dogs that are friendly and amusing companions.
outgoing, fearless that enjoy playing with children.

Poodle (Miniature) -
The miniature poodle is lively, amiable, playful, eager to please, responsive and obedient making it one of the most popular varieties of dog. Quite sensitive, tending to be devoted to one person, may be reserved with strangers. It is good with children, other pets and dogs. Some tend to bark a lot.


For further information about dog breeds visit our Popular Dog Breeds page

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Suitable Medium Sized Dogs for:- Babies ---- Toddlers ---- Children

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